What is Custom Surgery?

Just as each person's fingerprint is unrepeatable, eyes also have a unique corneal surface formed by different thickness, curvature and aberrations.

The aberrations are imperfections in the cornea that affect vision.

The Aberrometer is a special machine that draws a three-dimensional map of the ocular surface and provides the information needed by the laser to shape the cornea to the specific needs of each patient.

Since this technology can adapt and personalize the treatment, the results are much more precise and accurate than those obtained with conventional surgery.

What contributes do aberrometers offer for LASIK?

What's revolutionary is that it detects existing aberrations and uses the laser to correct them, while preventing the formation of new irregularities during treatment.

Another important contribution of aberrometers to surgery is that Streamline, the application of the laser, achieves better results with less impact. This helps preserve a greater amount of corneal tissue, making it ideal for thin corneas.

All this translates into greater safety and better patient outcomes.

Will personalized treatment will help my night vision?

Customized surgery will most likely provide you with a better night vision and less risk of losing contrast sensitivity.