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I left very happy for all the service from the staff.

I choose Dr. Barragan because of the way he treats patients, he is very sensitive, he is a very good doctor.

It has excellent attention

E. Treviño

The experience was satisfactory, because the information  he gives you, and that transmits confidence.

His image, his office, the experience, the team he has, the time he dedicates to you, does not rush you, he explains you in detail

What is a cataract?

Inside the eyes, we have a natural (crystalline) lens through which rays of light enter the eye to help us see. The lens must be clear. But if you have a cataract, the lens becomes cloudy. It is similar to looking through a foggy or dusty windshield. With a cataract, things can look blurry, cloudy, or less colorful.

How are cataracts treated?

Cataracts can only be removed with surgery, in which intraocular lens is placed. Currently there are a wide variety of Intraocular Lenses.

The correct selection of which type of Intraocular Lens is indicated for you will depend on the current eye conditions, as well as your lifestyle. This can only be accomplished by doing proper preoperative planning.


We carry out the evaluation with 3 different equipments, all of these in our clinic.

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